Too Long File Paths on servers. Preventing.



Users typically have a drive letter mapping to the shares they use so when
they create the files the path begins as X:\ the problem is that admins like
myself sometimes need to move or copy these files and when we do that X:\
drive mapping is now being referenced as \\servername\x$\users\usersname
making the pathname 32 character longer. Certain backup applications will
fail to back these files up as well. I usually rename the top level folders
to shorten the total number of characters until I can get the files to copy.

It seems to me that there should be a way to prevent users from exceeding
the total file path lenght this way. For example a registry setting that
could limit network users to 200 characters for file names. This would allow
admins to still have 55 character for the true file path name on the server.

Thanx Frank


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