Three video Cards In XP? Bios adjustment?


Paul Goodman

I am running WinXP Pro and an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9800 Pro (128) AGP
as my primary video card. To make use of the Multview feature I also have a
PCI ATI TV Wonder Pro card.

I would like to have a second VGA output to expand my desktop. I've
outputed to a TV but the resolution and picture sucks :)

I've put in a very old PCI All-In-Wonder card to get the VGA output.
On boot with the two monitors connected to the separate video cards the
computer boots normally from the 9800 card and WinXP recognizes the older
PCI ATI card card and installs a driver, but the monitor never
leaves "stand by" mode (monitor off, yellow light flashing) The properties
of that hardware card say: "this device cannot start Code 10"

I actually put in another very old PCI video card and had the same result.

Is there something in the bios I should change? (it's properly set to boot
from the AGP card) Is this just because the cards I've been trying this
with are soooo old?




Microsoft Video Driver OCA Triage

Many older PCI video cards do not work as secondary cards in a multimon
scenario. You can try setting boot to PCI video in your bios and this
'might' correct your problem. If this does not work any Radeon or Geforce
based PCI adapter will work, you can find these for ~$50 online.

Lance Naugle
Microsoft Video Driver OCA Triage
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