The weirdest freezes ever



Can someone give me some advice about this, please?

I am using Windows 2000, with all the Microsoft updates installed, and also
protected by one anti-virus program and one anti-malware program. I have
about 120 MB of RAM - it's not exactly 128.

Sometimes, I leave my computer to download something, or with the Internet
browser (Firefox) open, or even pasting something from the local drive onto
an external one -- various tasks, unrelated, you see -- and when I come back
the screen has frozen and I cannot do anything but a hard reset.
However, this is not your regular freezing, showing the desktop icons and
the mouse not moving, or any of the "blue screen of death", but some weird
vertical lines and stripes, similar to the lines you see when there is no
reception on some TV channel, but with much less variation in color and with
more variation in width.

It has happened three times in the past 3 days, twice today, and I feel like
putting the computer onto an anvil and smashing it with a huge sledge hammer.

I know that perhaps I am working the RAM to the extreme, but none of the
previous computers I owned have exhibited this symptom. This particular
machine had ME on it before, and it never did that.

Run > chkdsk /r finds nothing wrong, and the protection software, which was
installed as soon as Win2k was installed, says the computer is okay, too.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.


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