The un-hell of it all



Just took the case sides off both computers - "working sides" opposite
the side next to the MB mounting sub-plate.

Not an office environ, obviously, just summer-time rolling along

One case stands straight up, so pretty much need to remember to look
before grabbing it for a quick flip for some work and stuffing my hand
in, breaking off the CPU cooler or PCI board.

Other one is on its side, already, so used a sheet of plastic
micro-fiber to cover inner hardware -- latest thin mesh for an air
conditioner, the plastic type and not messy bulk fiber. (Perhaps I've
also seen it on some PC cases.)

Should help keep off gravity-borne dust and is already out of the way
enough that objects seldom traverse over it;- though, is definitely
doing the job with heat after a few moments reflection. The HDs,
especially older technology, hotter Seagate 250G class drives, are
prone to get a little too toasty at and occasionally exceeding 110F.

Everything is down now at least by 5deg. Ought to get another decade,
at least, out of those HDs for being so nice about undoing what case
builders have been doing since Day 1.

All the fuss involved with fans and venting considerations and it's
all about keeping things contained within four walls, a ceiling and
floor. Hm. Just imagine that.


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