The proper way to reinstall BCM 2007?



I've had an Outlook chrashing problem for several months. After observing it
for a while, and after trying several things that didn't work, I believe the
issue is with BCM -- and more specifically has to do with links I built
between my BCM contacts and calendar entries.

I'd like to remove and reinstall BCM to see if that is the case.
Importantly, the only features I use of BCM are the Contacts and business
Notes -- I do autolink emails with contacts and attach BHusiness Notes
sometims. I also use almost all of BCM's extended contact fields.

Obviously, I want to preserve my contact records and Business Notes. I also
want to *break* or remove any links between the contact records and emails,
calendar entries, etc.

Then, after I reinstall, I'll see if the problem has disappeared.

How can I best do that?


~ Nebulous


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