The LCD is not getting video signal from the DVI connector



I have a Dell Dimension 2400, running WinXP-Home. The PC has on-board
integrated video (Intel 82845G/GL... Graphics Controller).

I bought a PCI video card -- MadDog's nVidia GeForce FX5200 Plus, with
128MB of ram and has both a VGA and DVI-I connectors. I disabled the
Intel Graphics Controller in WinXP; and set the BIOS' Primary Video
Controller (under Integrated Devices) to "Auto" (it is either Auto or

Now, I have a Dell's LCD (1905FP) with VGA and DVI-D connectors. The
LCD works when I connect it to the VGA ports. But the LCD does not
work when connected to the DVI ports. The LCD screen -- in digital
mode -- just have that box floating around as if the PC is turned off.

I have installed the latest driver for the video card from nVidia. I
did not install any drivers for the LCD. [WinXP's Device Manager
simply listed it as PlugNPlay monitor. nVidia's software shows it as

What could be the problem? Could it be that the LCD and DVI-D and the
video card has DVI-I ports? [I don't have another video
card/monitor/pc that has DVI ports.]

Any help would be appreciated.



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