The John Corliss Usenet Glossary


Tweety John

The John Corliss Usenet Glossary

OFF TOPIC: A post with no freeware content - UNLESS the poster in question
happens to be John Corliss gossiping about guns, bikes, vacations, etc.

TROLL: Someone you don't like who makes as many off-topic posts as you do.

SOCK PUPPET: Anyone who gets the better of you in an argument.

PUNK: Anyone who refuses to accept the Divinely ordained authority of John
Corliss to reign supreme over alt.comp.freeware.

BASEBALL BAT: Instrument for beating spammers [see SPAM] to a bloody pulp.

KILLFILE: A method of avoiding confrontations with posters more intelligent
than you are.

SPAM: A welcome excuse for a little flexing of muscles, tough-guy posturing,
and general showing off.

FAQ: The sole and absolute authority concerning the immutable laws governing
the nature and purpose of alt.comp.freeware and the correct deportment of
subscribers thereto, as received from Almighty God by John Corliss Esquire, His
chosen representative on Earth.

John Corliss, his mark: XXXX

Mavis Chillum


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