TFAT or equivalent under Windows 2000?



Our customer has bought 500 desktop PCs running Win2k from HDD that we
have to run our acquisition software on. They now tell us that it is
likely the PCs will suffer sudden loss of power, and that it is
unacceptable for logged data to be lost in this instance. Also for various
reasons, using a UPS is not acceptable:/ So I thought "oh, CE.Net has TFAT
which will solve all my problems" but I can't find any mention of TFAT for
Win2k. Is there any "safe" filesystem for windows 2000 I could use? The
main concern is that we do not lose logged data, so adding a compact flash
and logging the data to that is acceptable provided we can guarentee the
cflash won't lose data(!). They say they can live with losing the
operating system (!), although obviously if I can protect that too then
that is a bonus.

I know it is a stupid problem, but I'd be thankful for any suggestions
anyone can offer.




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