Text cursor disappears while typing (Outlook 2007)



While typing in outlook 2007, the cursor will disappear most of the time and
blinks on every few letters. (I'm not talking about automatically hiding the
mouse cursor/pointer while tying, which is available in the Mouse visibility
options). I mean the text cursor. This behavior also appears using the
print view in Word 2007 (in the draft view the cursor is visible while
typing). Most other applications including MS apps (and office 2003) do not
behave this way.

The most obvious way to show the behavior is to hold the space bar while
typing an email in outlook 2007. You will see the cursor only shows up every
few spaces and seems to jump a bit across the screen as the spaces repeat.
The disappearing cursor is just an annoyance, but since I look at the screen
while typing, I just find that the different appearance of the cursor causes
me to type much slower and make more mistakes (the cursor disappears while
backspacing too, so it is harder to see if you have moved back to the correct
point where you made an error you would like to correct)

Is there a way to change this setting so the cursor appears continuously and
static while typing in either Outlook 2007's email editor or the Word 2007
print view.?


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