Text box wrapping problems



Word 2010 in Windows 8.1.

I'm creating a text box for the back cover of a new book. The text
box is where I will put:
A. a small photo of the author in the top right corner of the text box
B. Author's bio text.

1. I created the text box with the fill color I want.
2. I inserted the small author's photo.
3. It went to the top left corner of the text box. I wanted it on
the top right, so I right aligned it and it went to the top right
corner of the text box.

Here's where I run into trouble:
4. If I paste the text I want into the text box -- either after
moving the cursor to the right or left of the photo -- the text
starts at the bottom edge of the photo and continues beyond it!

How can I make the text fill the entire text box normally with the
photo staying at the top right and the text wrapping around it?

Thank you.


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