terminal server user profile



I have an odd Windows 2000 Terminal Server problem, first
here is some background information:

In ADUC specified c:\users\profiles\%username% as the
users terminal server profile.
On the terminal server, I created a folder
c:\users\profiles\%username%, and gave everyone full
control permissions to this folder.
Copied the default user profile from c:\documents and
settings to the c:\users\profiles\%username% folder.

The user is able to log in, however, when navigating the
printers folder, no printer is selected as the default
printer. In addition, the user is unable to change the
default printer.

I suspect this must be a permissions issue somewhere on
the server because after adding the domain users group to
the local administrators group, the problem does not

I have this exact configuration on numerous other Windows
2000 terminal servers and it works with out any problems.


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