tape media not recognized



Hello, I have windows 2000 server operating system on a
Dell PowerEdge server thats a year old. Whenever I pop a
Travan 5 NS tape cartridge into the Seagate 20000AT tape
drive(QIC?), I go to the Control Panel>> Computer
Management>> then to Removable Storage>> Physical
Location>> there will be a Red X next to the Seagate
internal tape drive device.>> under that you will see
Media but when I highlight it nothing appears on the right-
hand side. If right-click it and attempt to prepare it, I
get an error basically say that no media is there. I
delete the red x over and over but nothing works. These
are brand new tapes. Could some one please help???
Does not detect any tape media in it. This is
ridiculous. This device has
not worked from day one and my client is angry!!!
Removed from device Manager and rebooted the Windows
2000 server operating
system. The system detected and reinstalled the device.
Also changed drivers and
restarted. It sees the device but in Removeable storage
no media is seen


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