Tabbed cells




Can someone possibly help me

I have a form that I would like the user to tab to the next available cell
within a certain part like the Supplier Name & Address which goes downwards
for five cells then move across to the right to the Delivery address for five
cells going down instead of from left to right as in any protected worksheet
with unlocked cells - is there a formula or VBA that is written for this

Many Thanks in Advance for any help




Hi Joel

Thanx for your quick response:

It's a worksheet Userform and it's all on one page

To be able to write a macro would I need to include all of the unlocked
cells within the form or can it tab down until it gets to the Supplier and
Delivery addresses and then the macro can kick in? I've also got four check
boxes, will these need to be included in the macro?

The cells are referred to previously in my message are:

Supp1, Supp2, Supp3, Supp4 (sorry four cells not five) and then across to
Del1, Del2, Del3 and Del4

But previous to these there is three unlocked cells and after that many more

Any help will be appreciated Joel


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