System Reboots when scanning Registry


Joe Pacelli

Hopefully someone can help me with a problem I've started
to experience. If I go into regedit and do a search my
system will reboot itself. I ran latest Virus Scans and
found nothing. Also, have run clean up utilities and they
say everything is fine. So I decided to investigate
further. I started from the bottom of the registry and
started to work my way upwards until my system rebooted.
I finally end up in
Under this section is 4 folders
Hardware Profiles
I was able to export Control and Hardware Profiles.
When I tried to export Enum it rebooted. It also rebooted
when I tried to export Services.
I then went to Services folder and expanded the treeview.
I clicked on the top one and just started hitting the
down arrow progressing through the treeview. When I hit
the folder Rasl2tp the system rebooted.

Can anyone tell me what the problem may be?
Is it possibly a bad hard drive?
Is it a corrupt registry?
If so, How do I repair it?
Do I need to rebuild my system?

Joe Pacelli
(e-mail address removed)


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