Mario Ferreira

I´ve been using sysprep for deploying Windows 2k + Sp4 + all the updates
released since then and + some other softwares in my company network. More
than 95% of the time it does work fine, but it seems to have some issues
with older motherboards... The procedure I followed to create this image

1 - Windows 2k Sp4 instalation (slipstreamed), Ie6 sp1, Updates + extra
2 - Changed all critical peripheral drivers to a default one (in order to
keep compatibility with different platforms). Read critical peripherals as
IDE controllers and video.
3 - Ran sysprep.exe -pnp -reseal
4 - After reboot, ran norton ghost and created a disk image
5 - expanded created image file to another disk and turned it on

As I said before, it works for more than 95% of the time, but these 5% that
doesn't makes me loose lots of time taking care of it.

Does anyone have other techniques for deployng windows this way? Any help
would me trully apreciated

Mario Ferreira


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