swish animation timing problem



I am using PPT2007 to create a slide in which I have two simple text
boxes, one with the title of the presentation and the second with a
colored background and rotated slightly counter-clockwise which I am
using the "swish" animation to have enter and overlay a part of the
first text box.

The idea is the title would say "All Sales Are Final" and then the
second box with a red background saying "BLESSINGS" would swish in and
overlay at an angle the word "Sales" in the first box.

The person who is running this presentation is a true beginner, and so
rather than have the chance they won't click for the animation at the
proper time (or do something that will skip the slide entirely - it
happens, believe me) I am trying to have the second text box enter
after 6 seconds.

Here's my problem: when playing the slide, after the six seconds the
text box swishes into view and positions, then there's a pause of
another six seconds before the text itself drops down letter-by-letter
into the text box.

When using the "Custom Animations" sidebar with the advanced timeline
displayed, when I click "Play" I see the swish animation as two
separate elements - the text box itself and then the text, and a gap
of six seconds between the two. At all other times it appears as one
element. I have tried dragging-and-dropping and right-clicking and
everything I can think of to get the text animation to butt directly
up against the text box, but have not succeeded. Any time I try to
click or right-click on the second animation element while playing, it
stops playing and the second element disappears.

How do I change the animation so the swish animation all happens
sequentially with the only delay being between the appearance of the
slide and the beginning of the animation?



Lucy Thomson

Hi Kyle

Interesting - I'd never seen that before. To have the box & text appear at
the same time, click on the little down arrow next to the animation ->
effect options -> select 'all at once' from the 'animate text' drop down. If
you want to keep the 'by letter' animation, use two boxes - one with the
text and one with the background.


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