Suppress page numbering on specific pages



In Word Perfect, I can suppress page numbering on specific pages. For
example, I may have a page within the document with a photograph and do not
want a page number on that page. I can easily do that in WP but have not
found a way to suppress any page number in Word except the first page. Is
this possible?




Stefan Blom

You can insert a section break before the page whose numbering you want to
suppress, and then set a "Different first page" on the newly created

Alternatively, use a conditional field in the footer. Note, however, that
this only allows you to suppress a *specific* page number (which may or may
not be what you want). For example: { IF { PAGE } = 6 "" "{ PAGE }" }.

To create each pair of field delimiters, { }, press Ctrl+F9. Type in the
codes. Press F9 to update. Use Alt+F9 to show/hide field codes.

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