Support for 16 bits progs (wowexec.exe) with odd problems



Any suggestions please! Familiar with internals of win2kpro but this one has
beaten me!

After a few probs and rebuild of system, suddenly any 16bit
program(Coreldraw 5 for example) which opens with "wowexec" has an odd
problem. Programs open/run fine, but when a ''open file'' command is issued
and the dialog box pos up, all files on current partition are shown but the
''drive'' box is either blank or showing the current drive only. Opening up
the drop box, show just a large white space.

However, putting full path in the filename box is fine.

Please, which file(s) handle this particular box (as different format to all
other 'open' boxes) so i can copy from a back up.

Not a vital issue with small use, but a real puzzler.

many thanks
John Richards


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