Subject: RIprep - Compaq dc7600 - image does not contain the neces



This pc was set up out of the box. A XPsp2 ris image was not used up front.
With that said i would like to say that i do have a flat XP sp1a and XPsp2
image that will install on these PC.
Now what i have done is use compaqs out of the box config, put all the
service pack files on the pc. Joined the domain. Installed and configured all
my apps.
then ran RIprep from the server.

I then proceeded to pull use this image on PC #2 (all PC are dc7600)
It is a broadcom 10/100/1000 card.
i have copied the $oem$ folder everwhere restarted the binlscv
but i still get "image does not contain the necessary drivers"
What am i missing while using riprep where else can it be looking for the


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