Subject: Inner circle essay by emily


kevin juan

in version 1 time
Plz check is the relevant of this paragraph.

The character of Tony show he is a unpredictable person who don't easily
show up his emotion. Tony's reality is where problem brought in between the
relationship and communication with his parents. This is a common problem
among teenagars in high schools. Student might find it hard to communicate
with parents and having very complicate relationship in the family. This is
evident to the lives and some teenagar. Joe is a lonely teenagar struggling
to fit in with his peers. The race of Joe, turning him became the victim of
racism. This happen alot during during school time, student being racist by
other. racism shouldn't be exist, everyone have different culture, no one is
a types, there are only justice and fair appearing.

Not to sure about Joe relevant because it seen like a opinion.

thank you vicky


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