Strange error coming from OUTLOOK...



Hi there,

I am facing some OUTLOOK error which has started coming after one fine
day (25th May), I got a link on web which tried to solve some similar
kind of error...

The Error that I am getting is not in the temporary internet files, but
in a specific folder (D:/Actuate/) in which the OUTLOOK macro saves the
file to.

Pre Information: -There is one macro which reads the subject line of
the incoming mails. If that mail is containing a specific subject line
than the attachment in that mail is saved in a folder (the folder name
is D:\Actuate\).

Problem Statement: - After the mentioned day, at the time of saving the
attachment application is throwing an error like...

"Cannot Save the Attachment.Can't create click
the folder you want to create file in, and then click Properties on the
shortcut menu to check your permissions for the folder"

Also if I try to save the attachment in the folder and getting the
following error

"Can not create another system semaphore."

The folder structure has not changed; I have tried some tricks in
1) I have tried to create a new folder and deleted the old one.
2) Have tried the option (That rmdir /s /q OLKEE0 thing).
3) Also have reset the registry setting.

Can some one give me some inputs on this?

Thanks in Advance,


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