Standby stopped working after RAM upgrade



Hi Everyone,

A couple of days ago I finally upgraded my RAM to 1024Mb. The problem
is that ever since I did that, Standby mode stopped working correctly
under WindowsXP. It goes into standby mode normally, however when I
try to wake it up nothing happens.

Specifically, after I press any key on the keyboard and the computer
begins to wake up, the green light stops blinking, and the red hdd
light indicates activity for a few seconds, but after that the red
light stops blinking, the green light stays on, and nothing else
happens... the monitor stays off since there's no signal, and my USB
optical mouse is not even activated. The computer just hangs there
totally unresponsive. I've tried waiting a bit longer than usual but
nothing seems to happen.

This seemed to have started happening right after my recent RAM
upgrade. Before that I had 2 sims of 256Mb each:
1. Kingston 256Mb 400MHz (first RAM upgrade)
2. Unknown company 256Mb 333MHz (came with the computer)

They were on a dual channel, operating at the lower sims capabilities
of 333MHz. My new RAM sim was Kingston 512Mb 400MHz. So I took the
333MHz one out, and put the new 512Mb 400MHz Kingston one along with
the 256Mb Kingston on a dual channel so that they would both work at
400MHz, and put the 333MHz one in another free slot, not dual
channeled with anything.

So my current setup is:
1. Kingston 512Mb 400MHz + Kingston 256Mb 400MHz (on a dual-channel)
2. Unknown company 256Mb 333MHz

I don't know if this is all relevant or not, but I hope it might give
some clues as to what the problem might be.

My system specs are:
Pentium 4 2.8GHz processor (478 Socket)
Motherboard Asus P4P800-VM
1024Mb DDR RAM (as described above)
Windows XP SP2 with all the most recent updates

Please, any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!





Take all ram out, other than the new 512mb, and re try.
Mixing ram can cause problems, your current set up is unlikely to be making
use of the dual capabilities
PS Learn how to cross post, rather than multi post

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