SSD (kiss it goodbye)



Looking around, sort of, accordingly an hyped situation from who's,
really nobody, making the calls.

Deleted a few files lately -- carelessness. Buy me!, so some say, and
we'll get them back. Yet, there are other constituents, both private
users, as well among the commercial standpoint -- either saying nay,
or, what little I've seen of commercial/trial/whateverware, which
won't flatout identify, if at best vaguely -- for how my SSD(s two
units) are apportioned.

Guess that makes me a fan of the second-mentioned camp. Plant a big
one on it for a kiss-off if you delete it.

Da-hhh-mmmn. And I've been chewing my cud about getting another 480G
SSD all this while.

I've had these SSD drives between a year or two. Originally setup for
fast references. Planned. Then inevitably came the temporary areas
for quicker work preparation and editing, (someplace to let stuff sit)
where, I've apparently gotten too comfortable about for being above
mis-deleted stuff.

Wasn't that bad, though a good reminder what potentially could be
worse. Lots, if it's the Lost Art of history, Jack (be nimble and


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