Spreadsheet Losing Formatting



Dear all,

I've had a somewhat annoying problem occur recently with a spreadsheet
created with Excel 2002 (10.2614.2625) on Windows 200 SP4, which we use in
the office and which is updated daily over the month. At the end of the
month a new spreadsheet is created, with the data of the last worksheet for
the previous month being used as the basis for the first day of the current

Every two or three weeks, it suddenly dramatically expands in size, from
around 150kb to 5.5mb, and when opened, gives the serious error recovery
message. It then opens, but has lost all of the formatting which has been
applied. This is a simple matter to fix with the formatting brush, but it
concerns me that it keeps on occurring. The data also needs to be copied
into a fresh spreadsheet to remove the file bloat.

We've tried going back to backup copies, including those which predated the
first occurrence of the problem, as well as starting an entirely new
spreadsheet and putting the data in manually. The problem keeps on coming
back. I've looked around a few forums and the like, but the most detailed
suggestion I have is to make sure that we were all using the same version of
Excel and Windows to access the spreadsheet (we are). If anyone happens to
have any ideas, the help would be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards,



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