Spooler not working



Our current printers have stopped spooling their jobs. What worked 3 days ago will NOT work now. Our network printers all spool to the print server and then print. Currently, if I try that we get an error saying "Test page failed to print........... Unable to create a print job." Now, if I change the printer properties to print directly to the printer and skip the spooler all the XP and 2000 machines can print but the 98 machines will not. I have no idea what caused this change but I do need a fix. I have stopped and started the spooler again, rebooted the server, removed and readded printers........... any other ideas?

I did recently update our servers to sp4. All the other servers are operating fine. Aside from differences in the type of application software installed these servers are setup identical. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks!


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