sorry to dbl-post... mail merge problem!!



hey all... i have windows xp and outlook 07. i've posted this question a
couple times on many different forums and nobody, not one person, has
responded. it's uncanny. and this problem has all my work at a standstill.

i use the mail merge feature regularly. ever since installing outlook 07,
the contacts that i uncheck in the recipient list are never recorded the next
time i open that merge document. meaning, i normally open a merge document,
go to 'edit recipient list' and uncheck certain contacts that have since
responded to me, then save and close the document, under the assumption that
those contacts will remain unchecked when i open the document next. but since
installing outlook 07, that has not been the case. i always save the data
file to a specific location, so i know that i'm not using the wrong one.

i also have a problem where the instant search bar is nowhere to be seen on
my outlook screen. no option to download, nothing.

i'd really appreciate any kind of input on this. thank you.



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

I would expect one-off recipient selection to persist only for the given
merge session. I have never seen it become a property of the merge document.
Did you ask in the Word group that deals with these issues?

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