Some websites blocked



I have ADSL and tri-boot my system under Windows Me,
Win2000, & XP. With Me & Win2000 I use RASPPPOE and under
XP I use the broadband connection wizard.

Things have been fine for the past year or more until
recently. Under Me & 2000 I can access all sites but under
XP I'm unable to access and

I've disabled my firewall software (Agnitum Outpost Pro)
and virus checker (AVG), I've installed RASPPPOE on XP,
installed Netscape 7.1 and no change.

I have opened Internet Explorer, gone to Tools, selected
Internet Options, on the General tab clicked Delete
Cookies, Delete Files and deleted all offline content and
cleared History. And checked under the Privacy tab that
there are no sites in the list as blocked.

I can ping some sites but not all - the request times out.

I have all the latest updates for XP.

Windows Me HOSTS file on partition D: has one entry and the Windows 2000 HOSTS file on partition E:
has the same single entry and there is no HOSTS
file on the Windows XP system on partition F:

As I tri-boot my system and everything is fine under
Windows Me & Windows 2000, the only item which I can
isolate is Windows XP itself.

I am at loss as to what could be the cause of my problem
and it is very frustrating.


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