Some email not getting download in my outlook fom webmail



Hello Experts,

I am facing a strange issue on my outlook.

One of our user has pop email account configured on outlook.

generally, If pop is configured all the emails should get downloaded in outlook but in my case some times 1-2 email get stuck on webmail and not getting download in my outlook.

but When i open webmail using http://mydomain/webmail there i can see that email is there with unread status.

And it happen 3-4 times in a week.

So my question is how is it possible that all the email are getting downloaded properly except some specific emails.

And i am not seeing any error on my outlook when i am doing send/recive and i have checked my antivirus logs, my antivirus is not blocking any email.

And only this one user is facing this issue.

And the size of his outlook pst file approx 45 gb so could it be the reason of this issue

Could you please give me some suggestions to troubleshoot this issue.

Please ask me if you need any additional details.



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