small Zip files manager:WinDIZ (no install)



WinDIZ 2.8

"Last release: March 11, 2003

Do you have tons of zip files from previous downloads but
can't remember
what's in them? Most files contain a file_id.diz file ,
readme.txt or some other
sort of text that has an overview of the software. You could
open each one
individual, but that can be a boring and tedious task. WinDiz
let's you
browse your ZIP files and will automatically show the
contained .txt or .diz
file in the built in viewer. And if there isn't any info file,
you can simply type in the text box what you want and WinDIZ
automatically will generate file (or edit if it exists) and
compress it into the ZIP, with only one button press! The same
browsing system (browsing and/or editing infos) is now
possible also with MP3 files (ID3 v1 and v2 tags)"


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