Slide will not advance



Hi: I'm using PP2007, Built a presentation on my desktop and all worked
great. I then saved on a flashdrive but when I went back in to the
slideshow, I first had to save the sound to a wav file which is on the first
page and should play throughout the presentation, however, after fixing this,
now my slide will not advance. I have it set to automatically transition
after 14 seconds, but it will not advance. In the set up slide show, I have
it set to be presented by speaker, and to show "all sides" using "timings if
present". I even rehearsed the timings again, but still, it won't advance.
On the first slide I have animation that first pops up, and then the audio,
and I have the audio set to "after previous" still it won't advance. Can you
help?? Thanks!



Bill Dilworth

The playing sound file is an animation. It is a special type of animation,
but it is an animation. The slide show is waiting for the sound file to
finish before advancing. You need to tell PowerPoint to continue to play
once the sound file is started.

Look at this link....
Play sounds across multiple slides (A WAV runs through it)

Bill Dilworth

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