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I'm sure this is an easy fix, but it is just beyond me. Hopefully,
one of you is going to make me feel stupid.

I have an excel 2003 workbook that is a template for a merge document
in Word. I need it to be able to handle 10 different sets of
information starting in column B and ending in column J.

I have all the information for the Word document in sheet1 of the
workbook, and I'm going to merge from sheet2.

I'm not always going to have all 10 of the columns filled with
information. so I need to be able to skip code when I run out of
records so that when I merge them into my Word document the output is
formatted a certain way. For example:

A2 =((Sheet1!B10&", "&Sheet1!B11&": "&Sheet1!B17&"; ")&"
"&(Sheet1!C10&", "&Sheet1!C11&": "&Sheet1!C17&"; ")&"
"&(Sheet1!D10&", "&Sheet1!D11&": "&Sheet1!D17&"; "))
So on and so forth

Say, for instance, that D10, D11, and D17 were empty, meaning that the
proceeding columns' corresponding cells are too. I want to then stop
at C and ignore the rest. Otherwise, I'll have a bunch of hard
returns and 0's in my Word Document that someone'll have to weed out.



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