Simple SDIO Custom Driver Needed




I need to write a simple SDIO driver for a custom device. The need is
fairly modest - we need to be able to write cmd52, cmd0, cmd7 etc
commands on the SDIO bus to do register reads and writes at the
user/application level. The application will read/write the correct
registers on the device to do what we need. It's a HW test program, so
nothing fancy is required.

Based on looking at the existing documentation, including the DDK, and
specifically sdbusapi.doc it seems that we need a function driver which
can respond to requests from the application level.

I didn't find any SDIO driver example source in the DDK. Does anyone
have a pointer to source I could look at? Any ideas?

If you are a consultant and would like to write the code for us, I
would like to talk to you.



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