Showing/Hiding fields on a form



I have seen a fantastic form on a database (which is in a VB thing so i can't
'borrow' it) where there is a pop up form that appears on a button press. The
pop up form contains all/some of the field names from the table/query behind
the original form.

The user can select the columns that they want to see on the form (don't
know whether the form is datasheet or form view, would prefer form view but
will settle for datasheet view) and then those columns appear on the form
when the okay button is pressed. The columns already visible on the form are
shown highlighted.

Also it is possible to somehow select the columns in order so that they
appear in the form in the order selected, ( a 'move up/move down' type thing
would be even better) and also the 'view' i.e. the selected columns that are
chosen are saved when the form is closed and each of the multiusers different
'views' return when they next open the database (my database is a single db
and not a FE/BE one (network necessity)).

Does anyone know of a sample/example database that i can download (for free
hopefully) with anything similar that i can use to learn how this is done or
give me any code/tips/pointers/ideas on how to do this sort of thing.

Thanks very much


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