Shortcuts stop working



Hi. I am new here, and I have a question I hope you can answer. I am an
elementary computer teacher, and we have a small WinXP server network at
school. For a long time now I have had icons on every desktop pointing to
the place
on the network where I keep all the projects
for the kids to work on. They have always worked fine.
However, for some unexplained reason the past couple of
weeks we have started getting an error message, something
like "shortcut no longer valid", occasionally when we click
on one of the shortcuts. When that happens,
I have to go to Network Neighborhood and create another
desktop shortcut - a real pain in the rear when I have kids in the
classroom! It has happened on almost all the lab
computers, but it doesn't happen every time. Why, after
all this time, would my shortcuts start not working? Any
ideas? Thanks!


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