Sharing Calendar via "Free/Busy time, subject, location"


Michelle Ryan

I am using Outlook 2007 SP1 (with Exchange Server 2007 (

I've shared my calendar by giving my colleagues a permission level of
"Free/Busy time, subject, location". I've also enabled "Folder visible"

However, when my colleagues view my calender (by using the "Open a
Shared Calendar..." option) the calendar is empty - none of my entries
are visible. I expected meetings along with subject and location to be
visible to them but nothing is visible. It appears that all calendar is
free (clear of any entries).

My colleagues can view the free/busy, subject, location (but not the
full details) only when they try to setup a new meeting and use the
"Scheduling Assistant" to schedule a meeting with me.

Is there any way that they can view my calendar entries - by using the
"Open a Shared Calendar..." option - but without me sharing the calendar
with them at the "Full Details"/"Reviewer" permission level? Instead I
would prefer to use "Free/Busy time, subject, location" permission level.





I'd recommend that if you have people who need to access your
calendar, that you give them that permission though Tools: Options: on
the Delegates tab. That way you can add the specific people that need
access and what level of access they need. The options for Free/Busy
are primarily used for scheduling meetings (Meeting Request Scheduling
Assistant) and not for the true purpose of Reviewing, Editing, or
oherwise managing someone else's calendar.

Hope that helps!

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