SFM 5 seconds delay


Mike Kluev

Hi, I found the following article on msdn. It describes my problem
in details and even offers resolution, except that I observe this
problem not on NT but on Win2000 server with the latest service
pack, so resolution can't be applied.


In short this is what happens:
Our PC app creates file in some folder accessible via SFM from Mac.
This file is not visible to our Mac app that uses Mac OS file API
until a delay of 1-5 seconds. The odd thing is that attempt to
create file with the same name gives "file already exists" yet,
attempt to open file or get its info gives "file not found"
during this delay. Even enumerating folder doesn't reveal this
file during delay. FlushVol doesn't help. Creating another temp
file in the directory (in the hope that this will refresh something)
doesn't help either. The problem is definitely on the server side
(first - everything is ok with Mac afp server, second - analysis
of network traffic shows this clearly).

Any hints how to address this problem and remove delay are appreciated.

Please answer here (or unmangle my e-mail address).



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