setting up outlook 2003 connection to exchange server 2003


dick kessler

Hi my desktop disks crashed 7 months ago and I have been using my laptop (win
2k pro sp4 and outlook 2003 with vpn) for this time SUCCESSFULLY. I built a
new desktop using win 2k SERVER (for the raid-mirror function). I am using
the SAME settings to configure the outlook 2003 client in BOTH cases (hosts
file in same location as in win2k pro, email account name, server name and
vpn settings, authentication). in the article Q155048 the suggestion is made
to ping the server, oddly enough I CANNOT ping nor the
outsourced exchange server (time out), when the vpn is running in both cases
I can see the outsourced exchange server's dns servers (and can ping them on
both machines), when vpn is NOT running I see my local dhcp server, gateway
and dns server as the same private ip address (I am on att cable thus the
vpn). No other ip traffic running during these experiments.
I clearly have dns access since all web traffic in both machines works just
I did discover in the desktop help about disabled items that synchronization
was disabled but I reenabled it and it is no longer disabled after
closing/opening outlook 2003.

so here are the similarities and the dissimilarities: same outlook 2003,
same settings, same vpn and settings, can see and ping the outsourced vpn dns
servers, cannot ping either the exchange server nor
dissimilarities: the desktop is windows 2000 server the laptop is win2k pro.
all the most current sps and updates are installed on BOTH machines.

any ideas how to further diagnose the desktop outlook connectivity problem?
any ideas of the problem itself?
any server services I should look at, that maybe in conflict, workstation is
thanks dick


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