Security - encryption problems.


Adam Malak

Hi everyone!
I have a big problem with mail encryption. I'm using Outlook XP SP-2 in
my corporate network. We do have an LDAP server and I can easily sign and
encrypt mail within the organization. Although recently I tried to configure
secure mail with an external mail user. The person sent me his certificates
(complete CA tree and his personal public key - two files). I've installed
it in IE and it looks "perfect". I used the same personal public key in the
contact of the user importing it form the file. Now, when I try to encrypt
mail to this user I get a message saying hist certificate isn't OK! I've
checked validity period, certificate abilities (encryption and signing) and
it looks to me fine. Where can be a problem ?
BTW. I cannot add a contact with certificate from received mail from this
person, because the mail I receive is not recognized as "signed" (no
signature "badge")

Thanks in advance



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