Seasonic S12G 450W


Mar 25, 2003
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Tech Power Up have reviewed the Seasonic S12G 450W power supply unit - here's a snippet:

"A high-end PSU with a large capacity isn't for everyone because of the stiff price, and you definitely don't need a strong but expensive PSU for a download station or an office PC. With that in mind, Seasonic has decided to be more competitive in the entry level segment by releasing the new S12G series addressing users on a tight budget. The aforementioned series consists of four PSUs with capacities ranging from 450 W to 750 W, and we will evaluate the smallest S12G unit in this review. It and all other units of the series are based on the same platform as the more expensive Seasonic G units, although the S12G series lacks the modular cables. In an effort to lower production cost and, with it, the final price, most OEMs exclude modular cables first to avoid compromising on other components that contribute to both performance or reliability.

The S12G-450 may be a budget unit, but it features Gold-certified efficiency and is Haswell ready because of the DC-DC converters it uses to generate the minor rails. It is also uses polymer and 105°C-rated electrolytic caps and promises to operate silently. Its fan comes with ball-bearings and the unit is equipped with all available protection features. Seasonic even backs the S12G-450 with a five year warranty. While the unit looks very good on paper, it will still have to prove itself against our loaders. That said, we are pretty sure that it will perform well in all areas because it is based on a design we have come across before."

Read their full review here.


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