I am trying to write a device driver for a device that uses multi
I had found this in the news group:

 Hello Esha,
I too have attempted to use SDIO block mode with Windows XP SP2 and I
too reached the same conclusion. The SDBus driver appears to be broken
with respect to
block mode. In particular I could find no way to specify a number of
blocks. All attempts to do so resulted in the block count being used as
the length field in XP.

I have captured this sequence on a scope so I am pretty convinced that
this is the case.
When using "EXTENDED" mode the resultant waveforms were exactly as if
the host was sending a CMD52 operation except that the command code was
53 rather than 52.

In the end I simply had to reach the conclusion that Windows XP just
does not support SDIO block mode. However I should point out that I
have not received any official confirmation of this from Microsoft.

Best Regards,
Anyone know is it TRUE?
If no how do I tell the bus driver the size of blocks I am going to use?


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