SCSI tape device not appearing in Device Manager



I added a new SCSI Sony TSL 400C AIT Autoloader tape
backup device to my currently used SCSI Sony SDT-9000
tape backup device on a file server with 3 SCSI RAID 5
drives. These are running on an Adaptec AIC-7892
Ultra160/m PCI SCSI card, the RAID 5 from the 68 Pin
connection and the tape devices from the 50 pin
connection. I used a Belkin 50pin to 68pin adapter for
the TSL 400C so I could run it off the same cable as the
existing SDT-9000 drive which I will need to retain for
occasional usage. The SDT-9000 drive still functions
properly, but the new Autoloader is detected on POST as a
TSL A300C device and does not show up at all in Device
Manager once Windows 2000 Server is loaded. I have
verified that it is using a unique SCSI ID#.

Do I need to make changes in the SCSI Utilities so
Windows can see the drive or how to I resolve this?


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