Scrolling Issues with Collapsed Contacts


Ben Crosse

I recently installed BCM 2003 SP2 on my work computer with Outlook 2003 and
imported my contacts from the Outlook Contact database. The import of my
~1,500 contacts worked almost flawlessly (some of the contacts ended up with
duplicate first or last name …/ eg. Joe Smith became Joe Joe Smith). Although
annoying, this isn’t my major problem with BCM.

I modified my view of the BCM database to list all contacts by company, as I
find it easier to remember who people work for rather than their name. When I
open BCM it shows all the companies, with employees collapsed, so it is
simply a list of companies. When I scroll down (using the mouse scroll wheel)
the list does not move smoothly, starting and stopping, and usually ends up
hanging by the time I reach the G’s in the company list. The scroll wheel no
longer works, the scroll bar has disappeared and I cannot even expand a
visible company. I can only get past this if I click back to my Calendar or
Mail, re-enter BCM and scroll very slowly through the companies, stopping to
expand a company to see the employees and then moving on. Even after this, if
I scroll back up, the company list is no longer complete, with large pieces
of it simply missing, such as it skips from the B’s to the P’s in the list.
If I expand the last B company, it will include more of the Companies
following the B, but as you can imagine, this is not very efficient. All the
data is still there, but getting to it is time consuming and frustrating to
say the least.

Screen shot:

I love the logging facilities of BCM, but I am about to toss it aside and go
back to my old contact database if I can’t get past these issues.

Any ideas what is wrong and how I might go about fixing it?




Ben, I apologize that BCM is causing these difficulties.

I am not aware that anyone else has seen this issue, so we'll need
more info to figure out what's going on...

If you are you still seeing it, could you please:
- please be sure you've applied all patches from Microsoft Update.
- are there any other symptoms/problems that would help us narrow down
the affected areas?
- How many contacts are in your BCM, and approximately how many
records are in the Communication history folder?
- Have you defragmented your database? I suggest a backup, then a
- Particularly if you have a very long communication history, and you
no longer need all those records, I would recommend deleting the
oldest. Make sure also you go into BCM's deleted items, right click
and select Empty the folder. Only this will permanently remove the
records and reveal performance improvement, if there's any to be had.

You should also feel free to contact me at to send additional information.

Chris [msft]




I had the exact same frustrating problem. I found that systems that were
upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007 had performance problems, but
systems with a fresh install of Office 2007 work BCM much faster. Uninstall
all office programs and then put on a fresh install of Office 2007, BCM, and
the patches.

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