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Maris V. Lidaka Sr.

I've purchased and installed a new (replacement) monitor - a 19" NEC LCD
1980FXi - to replace a 5-year-old CRT. I have an older Dell XPST1700
upgraded via PowerLeap to a 1.40GHz Intel Celeron. I have a dual-monitor
set-up with an ASUS AGP-V7100/2V1D video card with 32MB Frame Buffer, with
an NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 display adapter. The video driver is NVIDIA
version dated 7/16/2002.

Initially it worked fine when attached with an analog output. I then
switched the hookup (the DVI/VGA output appears to be Monitor 2, and Monitor
1 is VGA output only) so that the NEC was hooked up as a DVI output -
nothing whatsoever appeared on the screen, just all black as if it were

I switched back to my original hookup - NEC to the Monitor 1 VGA output, and
the 2nd monitor to the Monitor 2 DVI output using a VGA adapter (the 2nd
monitor is a Samsung CRT). Since then, every 15-20 minutes or so the NEC
blacks out for 1-2 seconds, then returns to normal. In all other respects,
the image is clear as it should be.

What could be causing this?

Maris V. Lidaka, Sr.


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