Schedule Interacting with Desktop




I have used JT.EXE to create a schedule that runs under the SYSTEM
I wish it to display a TIMED message box (ON/CANCEL) to
"anyone who even looks at the PC" (in these situations):

1. User logged on (and not locked)
2. User logged on (and locked)
3. No user logged on.

I can get (1) working and in the other two the message box can be seen
when user unlocks windows or logs on. I'd much prefer that the message
box was ALWAYS visible.

I've been playing around with "runprocess.exe" and "msgbox.exe" but
haven't been able to get it working, I will read up (and google) more
on desktops (perhaps there is a "current" desktop) but am hoping the
answer is easy or at least get some pointers.

Thanks for any help,
Dennis Bareis
(e-mail address removed)


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