SAS and Win2000



Anyone else have a problem on their Win2000Pro SP4 system while running the
Pro version of SuperAntiSpyware? This just started after the latest SAS
product upgrade.
The problem I have is sometimes while doing a def update, it will stop and
say their is an error and ask to send a report to SAS. It also asks if I
want to restart SAS. If I choose to restart SAS, than the computer will
freeze (all except mouse pointer and task manager). If I try to open Task
Manager and end it, I get a message that a Debug is in progress and it
cannot end the program and to stop Debug first. I notice that the System
Idle Process is at 99 and there is no cpu usage. It will stay that way for
at least 20 min and then I finally get tired of waiting and I decide to do a
Just wondering if it is my Win2000 OS being corrupted, etc or if it happens
to others.
If I choose NOT to restart SAS, than it closes out and I just restart SAS
manually and everything is OK.
Other than that, SAS works great.
I will also check in the SAS Forum.


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