Runtime Error



Whenever I run IE6 I get a runtime error that says

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program:C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate
in an unusual way.

Please help. What do I do? What will cause this? I
have been unable to find out.




Mike Burgess

The first thing to do is to scan your system for the possibility of
unknown\unwanted spyware or parasites that may be causing your problem(s).

Dealing with Unwanted Spyware, Parasites, Toolbars and Search Engines
Understanding and Troubleshooting Unrecoverable Errors (Faults) in IE
Mike Burgess [MVP Windows Shell\User]
Blocking Spyware, Adware, Parasites, Hijackers, Trojans, with a HOSTS file [updated 11-19-03]
Please post replies to this Newsgroup, email address is invalid



H Leboeuf

I'm always looking for the solution in an the exact error message.
This time I jumped the gun. If the previous recommendation failed try this

"Program: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\explore.exe"
The application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
It appears that I have both Java(Sun) and MS VM on the PC. After
disabling/unchecking Java(Sun) the runtime error ceased in IE6.

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