runtime error 1004 when using longer decimals



I have this odd problem that I feel is easily solvable by adjusting some
setting but after a few days of struggling and reinstalling excel 2003 I
couldn't figure it out so now I'm posting it here.

I have been using this excel based classification program for a few years
without problems. Now, with a different laptop I suddenly get a runtime error
1004 - application defined or object defined error.
However, it only gives an error when I use numbers with a lot of decimals
(more then about 3) and only when there are a certain amount of these numbers
(a few dozen). Before I been using thousands of data points with 15 decimals
with no problem.

It seems to me that there is some kind of memory or buffer problem but I
have no idea where to look for it. By the way, I have no experience in
writing macro's, someone else wrote this program.

The whole program is huge but the error happens in the following part (with
the ****):

If OrigValue = gConstIrrValueLabel Then
Call GetIrrNodeFormula(NodeNumber, NodeFormula)
If LevelID = 2 Then
NodeFormula = "=(" & NodeFormula & ")"
Addr1 = ParentLocation(2, 1).Address(False, False)
NodeFormula = "=AND(" & Addr1 & ",(" & NodeFormula & "))"
End If
End If

NodeLocation(2, 1).Formula = NodeFormula *****

'Make the next column thin
NodeLocation.Cells(1, 1).ColumnWidth = 14
NodeLocation.Cells(1, 1).Offset(0, 1).ColumnWidth = 1

End Sub

I really hope somebody can help me out.



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