Running smart tests on sata drives



I have a supermicro DAC-SATA-MV8 - has 8 Seagate 120 gig drives hanging
off it, being running ok for a while. Its running raid-5 on dynamic
disks in windows.

2 days ago 2 drives got kicked out of the array for write errors while
I was coping media to the drive (About 30 mins apart). I re-added them
in the wrong order and lost everything that was written over that 30
min period to file corruption (oops) - anyway, I want to do a smart
test of all the drives.

The active-x one on the seagate website will see the drives, and report
there status as all being fine (clearly not the case) but it will
report an error trying to run the tests that the adaptor or driver
doesnt support it. It will test the drives connected to the promise
sata150 card in the same machine.

I have downloaded heaps of smart tools, but they either only list the
PATA and SATA drives on the motbherboard channels, or they have a drive
with just blank info for the name and everything. I would expect to
have the 8 drives on the supermicro card, and the 4 on my promise card
show up.

The best way would be to get the seagate web one working, since that
allows me to RMA the drives really easily, but I would be happy to be
able to test without shutting down and swapping controllers around


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