Runaway DNS in XP!


Stephen Beasley

Hi, and thanks in advance!
Ok, here is what I have:
win2k3 AD domain
DNS client settings controlled by GPO
DNS server resolves external requests (split-DNS)
This all works

Problem child (XP SP3 box):
Only problem in domain
ipconfig /all showing only 1 dns ip - internal server
ipconfig /flush dns - multiple times
Hosts file - local host (only entry)
deleted cookies, reset ie7
Visual Studio - find/replace searched several dns entries within files for
all drives - not found
Virus scans, adware/malware scans - shows clean
IN IE7 requests are forwarded to internal server
when idle (apps running though) some requests are to external DNS servers -
verisign, Univ of maryland (root hints servers)
Currently setting up netmon to find out why it is requesting.

So my question is: Where is it getting this list of dns servers to search?
The domain controller? If so, how do i stop it?



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