RRAS VPN Problems



I'm having problems with my new VPN configuration and I'm
hoping someone can help me.

I have a RRAS VPN server behind a firewall. The VPN
server has 1 interface and it is a member of my Domain.
The private IP of the interface is NATed by the firewall
to a public IP.

The private IP of the VPN server is static as is the
subnet, gateway and DNS. Without the RRAS configured
(disabled) the VPN server is able to browse the Internet
and the LAN. However, as soon as I enable the RRAS the
server is no longer able to browse the Internet or the
LAN. Obviously, this also means that the VPN doesn't work
at all.

I know that it is possible to build a RRAS VPN with only 1
NIC because we have one that exists already. I have been
given the task to create a new one the same way but I am
not allowed to look at the existing one in order to figure
out how to do it.

Can someone please help me? I guess what I'm looking for
are instructions on how to configure a VPN with 1 NIC,
behind a firewall with NAT.



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